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Observing the development of Mingao in detail and looking forward to the development of the invisible protection (theft) network industry in the long run

What are the characteristics of invisible protection (theft)

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Invisible - Due to the small volume of the fixed aluminum profile and the small size of the steel wire, when the product is installed, it appears as if nothing has been installed from a distance, resulting in an invisible effect.

Fire prevention - The design concept of the product originated from a fire. After a traditional iron window in home decoration caught fire, people inside couldn't get out and people outside couldn't get in, which delayed rescue time and led to tragedy! The invisible protective net is composed of small steel wires, which can be cut off in a few seconds in case of emergencies, allowing for quick escape and rescue operations!

Aesthetics - The beauty of a product comes from its invisible effect. Installing this product does not affect the architectural landscape, and standing inside the room also does not obstruct the view. The beautiful scenery outside can also be fully appreciated.

Safety - The product is mainly suitable for the safety protection of high-rise balconies and windows, which can effectively prevent children from playing and falling from heights, prevent clothes, vases, etc. from falling, alleviate the elderly's fear of heights, etc. At the same time, it can be connected to an alarm, which can effectively prevent theft incidents from occurring.

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