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Attention should be paid to high floors in summer nights. Someone steals residents without security windows

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On summer nights, many high-rise residents like to open a little window to sleep in order to cool and ventilate, and because they live relatively tall, people often think that anti-theft windows are unnecessary. However, there is such a man who has repeatedly...




In summer nights, many high-rise residents like to open a little window to sleep in order to cool and ventilate, and because of the higher living space, people often think that anti-theft windows are unnecessary. However, there is a man who has been sentenced for theft many times. After he was released from prison, instead of repenting and renewing, he summed up "experiences and lessons", constantly improved his modus operandi, and focused on high-level residents without security windows. Carry out theft. No cunning fox can beat a hunter. Recently, the Lishui Bureau of Nanjing Public Security Bureau announced the latest results of a special campaign to combat "theft, robbery and fraud" crimes, and arrested and brought to justice the "spider" thief who committed more than 20 burglaries since April this year.

The mysterious robber commits the crime at midnight without leaving a trace, focusing on the high-rise residents without security windows

One morning in June this year, Ms. Ding in Lishui District, Nanjing received a call from her husband, saying that the 10,000 yuan in cash in the backpack she took out in the morning had disappeared, and she suspected that a thief had been in the house last night. Ms. Ding hurriedly counted the items in the house and found that the 6 cigarettes in the living room and small room had also disappeared at the same time. But the door lock is intact, and there is no trace of the house being turned over. How did the thief get in? Ms. Ding hurriedly reported the case to the police. "We found through on-site investigations that the windows of Ms. Ding's kitchen were not closed, other than that there were no traces of the crime. Ms. Ding's house is on the 5th floor of the community, and it is more difficult for a thief to open the window to enter the house." The police said. . It is understood that since April this year, many residential high-level residents in Lishui District, Nanjing City have committed burglaries. The incidents occurred at night and the stolen residents were unaware of the theft. After on-site investigation, the police found that the stolen households had a common feature, that is, because they lived on a higher floor, no anti-theft windows were installed, and the windows were not closed on the night of the incident. The police initially judged that the series of cases were committed by the same person, and decided to investigate the mysterious "midnight robber."

The police captured the traces through surveillance, and they used to sneak into and out of high-end clubs in bright clothes

By reviewing a large number of surveillance videos at the scene of the crime and the surrounding area, the police quickly clarified the identity of the suspect. After inquiries, the suspect Chen is a native of Lishui and has been dealt with by judicial authorities for theft many times in the past. "When we visited and investigated Chen, we found that he was well-dressed during the day, and his whole body was full of famous brands. He went in and out of various high-end hotels and clubs. He did not look like a thief at all. At night, he would change into a dark night suit. Sneak into residents' homes to carry out theft." The police said. When investigating the suspect Chen, the police found that Chen would escape along a fixed route every time after committing a crime and stay in a hotel. After clarifying Chen’s escape route and hiding place, the task force decided to arrest him. On the afternoon of June 30, Chen was caught by the police waiting at the door just after he went out of the gate after spending at a certain club.

Summer is the season for high incidence of burglary, high-level residents must be aware of theft

After investigation, Chen has been sentenced for theft many times. After being released from prison, instead of repenting, Chen summed up lessons from previous failures. Since this year, Chen has become more and more crazy in the process of constantly committing crimes and summarizing. He has committed more than 20 crimes in many places in Lishui District, involving a value of tens of thousands of yuan. When asked how to choose the target of the crime, Chen said: "I generally choose high-rise residents because they have low awareness of security and often do not think of installing anti-theft windows. In addition, they often sleep in summer because they don’t close the windows for the sake of coolness. This gave me a chance." At present, the suspect Chen has been detained in accordance with the law on suspicion of theft.
   The police handling the case also used this case to remind the general public: summer is the season for high incidence of burglary. In order to reduce and avoid personal and property infringements, high-level residents should also take safety precautions, such as not placing large amounts of cash and valuables in conspicuous places such as the living room. For items, close the doors and windows before going to bed, install stainless steel anti-theft windows as far as possible on the low floors, and place some green plants or obstacles beside the windows to play a certain role in warning and prevention.

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