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Mingao's quality originates from adhering to the principle of survival through quality

Mingao franchise policy
  • Opening policy
    Opening policy

    Planning support for store opening activities (free design and decoration of proxy specialty stores, free provision of store decoration samples and samples)

    Training and support for store opening personnel

    On site support for store opening activities

    Store promotion support

  • material support
    material support

    Product brochure, honor plaque, work clothes, sample rack, sample box (including samples), etc

  • advertising design
    advertising design

    The company provides free print advertising planning and design for distributors

    The company provides free advertising leaflets, posters, etc. to distributors from time to time

  • Join Conditions
  • Join Conditions
    Join Conditions

    1、The agent has independent business qualifications and has a good commercial reputation and credibility in the local area

    2、Franchisees must provide their business license and tax registration certificate to the company before opening

    3、The agent is familiar with the industry situation in this region and has extensive network relationships

    4、Have a full understanding and confidence in our company's products, and have a strong desire for long-term sales and a strong sense of responsibility

    5、Store operation standards: City level agent stores shall not be less than 30 square meters, and county-level agent stores shall not be less than 15 square meters

    6、Professional personnel configuration is required, including salespersons, installation technicians, etc

  • Franchise process
  • 01
    Franchise intention review

    Submit via phone, email, or message

  • 02
    on-the-spot investigation

    Inspect factory production lines and warehouses

  • 03
    Cooperation negotiation

    Communicate cooperation details and sign a contract

  • 04
    Store location selection

    Choose a suitable location to open a store

  • 05
    Design and decoration

    Decorate according to company requirements

  • 06
    Professional training

    Headquarters provides dedicated guidance and training for store opening

  • 07
    Planning for opening

    Provide product brochures, plaques, work uniforms, and other materials

  • 08
    Steady operation

    Strong desire for long-term sales and strong sense of responsibility