About Ming Ao

About Ming Ao

Choosing Mingao, Professional and Trustworthy - Persisting in Surviving with Quality

Mingao Decoration

Survive with quality and develop with reputation! Market-oriented and service-oriented!

Guangzhou Mingao Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. has been specialized in researching and producing invisible anti-theft (protection) nets, anti-theft screens series materials, accessories and other complete products for more than 10 years. Over the years, it has been engaged in professional production, design and sales. It ranks first in the domestic industry in terms of new product development, product innovation, quality and after-sales service. It has established an image of an industry-leading, honest and authoritative safety expert. Provide customers with a complete set of security, anti-theft, and anti-mosquito products, and have repeatedly obtained honor certificates from domestic brands in this industry.

The company adheres to the business policy of striving for survival by quality, developing by reputation, market-oriented, and service-centric, and constantly innovates. At present, it has a professional and efficient production and sales team, and its products cover the mainland, Taiwan, Malaysia, In Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Vietnam, there are currently more than 500 franchisees, agents, and distributors. The sales network covers 21 provinces, autonomous regions, and more than 300 cities across the country, and has achieved good market response. Our company has won the "China Project" Build recommended products", "China Famous Brand", "Quality·Service·Integrity AAA Unit" and "National Consumers Reassured Satisfaction Brand", etc. The product has complete national inspection certificates, quality assurance, and good reputation. It is renovated in real estate and government streets. There are numerous engineering cases in the fields of PLA office buildings and school teaching buildings.

Franchise, agent, distributor
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Customer Success Stories
Honorary Patent Qualification
  • Wide market
    Currently, there are over 500 franchisees, agents, and distributors, with sales networks spread across more than 300 cities across the country
    Wide market
  • good standing
    The company has established an image of leading technology, integrity, and authority as a security expert in the industry
    good standing
  • Technology
    Adhere to the business policy of putting service at the core, and have an innovative, professional, and efficient production team
  • research and development
    The company focuses on the research and development, innovation, quality, and after-sales service of new products
    research and development
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  • Mingao Exhibition