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Observing the development of Mingao in detail and looking forward to the development of the invisible protection (theft) network industry in the long run

The market potential of invisible protective nets?

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 Invisible protective nets have a history of more than ten years since their earliest appearance. Their products have developed from coastal metropolises to provincial capitals, and also radiate comprehensively to various cities and counties. The products are mainly suitable for the safety protection of high-rise balcony windows. It can be said that as long as there is a house under construction, the product has a market. With the continuous rise of high-rise garden style elevator houses and the continuous improvement of people's lives, traditional iron aluminum stainless steel can no longer meet the requirements, The release of relevant policies, for the sake of architectural landscape, traditional iron aluminum stainless steel is not allowed to be installed on balcony windows, which has become a trend. However, the falling of high-altitude debris and the continuous occurrence of children falling from heights make the safety protection of high-rise balcony windows an unavoidable topic. Invisible protective nets meet various requirements and have become the preferred product for balcony window safety protection. It can be said that as long as high-rise buildings are under construction, Products need to be installed. In today's hot real estate market, the market potential of products is naturally infinite. The standard spacing of products is 5cm, which has been scientifically proven to be the most reasonable from both product strength and aesthetic perspectives. Of course, if you have special requirements, you can customize products with other intervals in a certain quantity!



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