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Observing the development of Mingao in detail and looking forward to the development of the invisible protection (theft) network industry in the long run

The installation of anti-theft screens may become a trend to meet the standard to prevent theft

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Anti-theft may become a trend

The hot summer is the peak season for the installation or replacement of invisible screens. Different from traditional invisible screens, a kind of anti-theft screens is becoming more and more popular. Many community families, especially high-rise residential families, are more willing to install anti-theft screens.


The reporter saw at the door of a certain residential area that the sales and installation personnel of a certain brand of invisible screen window manufacturer were standing at the door of the residential area, and there were many samples of invisible screen windows at his feet. Among them, a sample with anti-theft screens is quite eye-catching. On the surface, the special feature of anti-theft screens is that there are a few more metal bars than traditional screens. According to the sales staff, families with old people and children are happy to install such anti-theft screens. With this kind of rod horizontally there, no one can fall.


According to the sales staff, the anti-theft screen window refers to a combination of detachable anti-theft window and screen window. The detachable anti-theft window is composed of a surrounding frame and a window grille. Its characteristic is that the left and right sides of the window frame are provided with installation grooves, and the inner side of the corresponding window frame is provided with installation openings. When installing, one end of the window grille is inserted into the installation groove through the installation openings, so that the window frame and the window The grid is integrated. The window grille can be disassembled at will (locked control), and the height of the railing can be changed or set at will, fully or partially open. The magnetic screen windows are respectively fixed around the window frame, and are joined together by two corresponding magnetic strips.
 The reporter saw in Tianyang New City, Bohai Mingzhu Community and other high-end residences that many families install anti-theft screens. A resident’s idea is very representative, “It’s much better than installing a fence like iron bars. It’s not ugly to be safe, transparent, and cheap.”


Anti-theft screens have everything


During the interview, the reporter found that the appearance of the anti-theft screens did not seem to be much different, but if you understand it carefully, there are many doorways.


At the gate of a certain community, the reporter asked a salesperson whether it was called an anti-theft screen just because of the fence around the screen window? The other party replied, "It must be locked and strong enough to be called anti-theft. Some fences The inside is hollow and not strong. If you want to install it, you can check it out first."


In addition, the reporter learned that the names, levels, or degrees of anti-theft differ from one to another. Some are not called invisible anti-theft screens, but called invisible protective screens. Some are called child protection screens, or also known as safety protection screens. But despite the different names, most of them don't deny that they have anti-theft function.


In addition, there are several types of anti-theft screens: the first is a simple screen to prevent theft, which is made of metal mesh, which can prevent mice, mosquitoes and children from falling down the building. The screen is fixed; the second is invisible. An invisible protective net is designed on the screen window, which is pulled up with thin steel wires to form a protective net. The protective net is fixed and can prevent children from falling; the third is the combination of anti-theft window and invisible screen window, which is both invisible screen window and anti-theft window , The fourth type of anti-theft screens is intelligent anti-theft screens. The gauze is made of high-grade polyester material with a special shielded wire in the middle. One end of the gauze is connected to an alarm. When the screen window is damaged, the alarm will immediately sound a 120 decibel alarm. At the same time, it will send a signal to the alarm host and the alarm host will Automatically dial the phone to the owner's mobile phone, so that the owner can handle it in the first time, and truly achieve the effect of preventing theft and ensuring safety.


 It is understood that these invisible anti-theft screens have different designs, materials, and functions, and the asking prices are quite different. Some are charged for a single window, about 300 yuan per window, and some are charged at more than 200 to 700 yuan per square meter.
 Buying advice


Can anti-theft screens be able to prevent theft? Industry insiders believe that the screen quality, frame thickness and hardware design of screens must meet certain standards in order to prevent theft.


Gauze: It is best to choose stainless steel wire sprayed or higher grade alloy metal gauze, the diameter of the metal wire is above 0.8mm.


Outer frame: A thick, stable, and well-sealed outer frame can be better protected against prying. It is recommended to use aluminum alloy profiles with a thickness of at least 1.4 to 2.0mm.

 Hardware: The accessories of anti-theft screens are an important part of anti-theft. Locks, stainless steel lock points, handles, etc. are all the key points of installation. If the quality of the lock is not up to standard, the anti-theft function will be greatly reduced. It is best to have metal points at intervals that are multi-point locks. Such a multi-point fixed key design can enhance the anti-theft function.

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